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Dear Participants,

Welcome to "Heart of Siam"

"Echoes & mirrors, dreams & fears, illusion encrusted fact and tangible fantasy Asia."

This kits is about travelling wide - eyed with amazement, travelling with eyes wide open to the scintillating differences and startling similarities to what you once called reality.

This kit gives information on the Treasures of Siam with the hope of helping you in preparing for your trip and to convey the message of travelling to Thailand with an eye for facts is to miss the best past of travel there - the surprise.

Travel is dream fulfillment. You participate. At last the trip you have planned for so long is about to begin. In your mind, the idea of travel has taken such a firm root in the realm of the future that finding it happening in the present seems unreal.

Unreal. This is something you are going to learn to live with. Deep down you know that no matter how much you have read about Thailand, you are in for a jolt. There's no turning back now.


"Save our nature & keep our planet clean and green”


May I present to you………………………


Objective :

• To provide assistance and development work for remote Thai Hill Tribes in Northern of Thailand in co-operation with Tribal Research Institute (TRI), Chiang Mai, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), Border Patrol Police Bureau (most of Thai Hill Tribes school take care by this department) thereby upgrading their standard of living.
• To create an opportunity for participants to learn about the local culture and customs of Thai Hill Tribes.
• To assist Tribal Research Institute (TRI) in the collection of information for their continual studies of Thai Hill Tribes.
• To allow participants who have a sense of adventure and community mindedness and opportunity to interact and share their experiences.
• To help all the people utilize their usefully through travelling and being exposed to local customs and the culture of Thai Hill Tribes.
• To provide young people with economical and qualitative tour that is clean, convenient and safe.
• To provide young people with opportunities to learn about customs and culture as well as create mutual understanding among people who come from different countries. To join the activities which will ultimately help create world peace.


• Chiang Mai International Youth Hostel
• Thai Youth Hostels Association, Ministry of Education.
1. Member and non-member of Hostelling International, member of all clubs & organization such as Rotary Club, Out door Adventure Club, student groups, sport club, association, individual and etc.. who are interested in "Heart of Siam." 4 Days 3 Nights or more are welcome to join the project.
2. The size of each group is normally between 8 to 12 participants. If the big group like 40 participants, Group will be divide by 4 groups(10 participants each group). A Thai Hill Tribe guide who speak tribal languages, local dialects and has a good command of English will lead and assist the group.


Participant of this project will:
• Teach song and games to Thai Hill Tribes Children and guide them in making simple education toys such as jigsaw puzzles.
• Provide clothing & administer vitamins in an effort to provide a better standard of living amongst the Thai Hill Tribes people.
• Assist in field work on highland rice and vegetable cultivation.
• Learn & assist the Tribes Research Institute in collecting data for their ongoing projects such as AIDS, labor and other social problem of Thai Hill Tribes people.
• Develop a relationship with the Thai Hill Tribes people especially the tribal leader, thereby laying the foundation for future project.
• Learn to appreciate the customs, culture and rituals of the Thai Hill Tribes.
• To learn about Hostelling International or their organization, their association, their club in other countries form the group members and other participants.
• Understand the ideal and practice of Hostelling International or their organization, their association, their club etc..
• Share and cooperate in activities with people from other countries.
• Experience opportunity to practice foreign languages.
• Find an opportunity to work with others to provide activities that are of social benefit, other than enjoyment through travelling, contribution may include giving treatment, building school, painting school or class room, barbering for children and give education materials etc..
• Promote the Hostelling International or their organization, their association, their club etc.. as a center for friendship and peace among all the people from aaross the world.


N.B. : Participants are to be used may not be able to complete the above experiential tasks during the trip. The above as a guideline only.

LOCATIONS FOR "Heart of Siam" 4 Days 3 Nights Trek or more day trek activities :

A. Mae Jam district, Chiang Mai province & Pai district, Mae Hong Sorn province etc..


1. Young people who are interested in joining the activities may obtain more information and meet with other group members and participant at Chiang Mai International Youth Hostel office.
2. During the 3 Days 2 Nights Trek or more "Heart of Siam" project, all the participants will spend 3 nights (or more night all depending how many day of trek) with the Thai hill tribes family or

hill tribes school such as Karen, Lisu, Lahu, Akha and Shan hill tribes etc..(all depending the location for activities)
3. Excursion to other tribal villages, Bamboo rafting & elephant riding for 2 hrs. It will be including.


This itinerary is a basic program for 7 days. Extension is possible, however availability is limited.

Day 1
Chiang Mai (Dinner)
Arrival Chiang Mai, check in the Chiang Mai International Youth Hostel or hotel. Free time. Meet the tour guide who is take care of the program & group. Final briefing and preparation of the following day hike into the tribal village. Afternoon: visit Home Industries such as Thai Silk, wood carving, silverware etc.. Evening welcome to Chiang Mai with Khantok Dinner, culture & traditional show. After dinner, have a nice time at night market.

Day 2
Chiang Mai - Hill tribes "Heart of Siam." Project 4 Days 3 Nights Trek (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Depart of trekking to the hill tribes.
Meet the leader of the Thai hill tribes, the teacher and students. Today's program will include: final discussion of community work, program, location of sleeping, chaperons and host families, villages orientation and briefing. Understanding of the Thai hill tribes culture and custom. Observing an ritual ceremony, home stay at Thai hill tribes families.
Day 3
Hill tribes(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Activities with children and families.( it's just a guide line as we can)
• Teaching with songs, games and developing new toys.
• Helping with harvesting or planting of crops(subject to season), vegetable etc..
• Distribution of used clothes, vitamin and food stuffs.
• Simple repair work(e.g. fixing door, table, chair, painting school etc..
• Barbering children
• Gardening
• Administering first aid room.
• Assisting in cleaning and development work in the village.
• Working with others to provide activities that are of social benefit, other than enjoyment through travelling.
• Contributions may include giving treatment, building school, water filter, providing education materials etc..
• Sport (Valley ball or football) friendship match

Day 4
Hill tribes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Continue our community involvement and education project as we can, visit the village
Nearby etc…
Tonight campfire with local, culture dances and performances.
Day 5
Hill tribes-Chiang Mai (Breakfast, Lunch)
Discussion with the leaders, teachers and villagers for further projects.
During this day we can arrange elephant riding and bamboo rafting adventure trip.
End of Treasure of Siam project. Head back to Chiang Mai.
Over night at Chiang Mai International Youth Hostel or hotel.
Day 6
Chiang Mai School (Breakfast)
Visit Chiang Mai school and have interaction with student, education & culture
exchange etc.

Day 7
Chiang Mai (Breakfast)
Free day. Evening departure to Bangkok. The end of the project.

PRICE PER PERSON: xxxx Thai Baht with twin sharing.

Price Including :

• Accommodation as stated above
• All transfer, meal, sight-seeing excursion and admission as specified in the itinerary.
• Service of a local guide.
• Vat 7 %

Not including :

• Personal tip for local tour guide.
• All snacks, beverages, bottled water etc..other than during designated group meal.
• Optional activities, free day activities.


• Walking shoes or tennis shoes, rucksack.
• Slippers or sandals.
• Pants and T-shirt
• Sweater / jumper, jacket, sleeping bag ( Oct – Feb)
• Torch / flash light
• Swimming suit
• Sun glass, sun protection cream
• Mosquito / insect repellant
• Personal necessities like – soap, towel, tissue, toothbrush.
• First aids and personal medicines (pills- diarrhea, cold, headache etc..)
• No need of mosquito net, extra luggage, any valuable thing etc.

Note : “ Heart of Siam” project can arrange by group request only.

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