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Package G :


With Thai Youth Hostels Association, Chiang Mai office(Chiang Mai International Youth Hostel) cooperation with The Master Chef Cookery Course.
You will learn to cook authentic Thai food with true master chefs who will pass on to you their extensive knowledge of Thai cooking ingredients, methods and techniques. In our chefs' hands, you will learn to cook Thai like a pro.

• Fluent English speaking instructor

• Learn by doing under the guidance of an expert
• Small intimate classes

• Cook book in English

• Experience the Thai local Market to learn about how to identify and purchase Thai ingredients.
• Accredited Certificate Awarded for Three Day Course.
• Assembling curry pastes “ from scratch”

• Creating elaborate fruit and vegetable carvings that you can use as a garnish or serve as a dessert.
• Making exotic, healthy drinks with lemongrass and pandanus leaves.
• Fresh fruit tasting.
• Transportation
• Certificate for 3 days courses

Our courses are designed so that you can learn a lot about making Thai food in a very short time-typically in a course, you learn all sorts of detail about ingredients, learn to prepare them, make curry pastes and cook( and enjoy !) five to seven different Thai dishes.

COURSE 1: Introduction to Thai Cuisine & visiting a local Market
Hot and Sour prawn soup, Green Curry with chicken, Panang Curry chicken, Fried mixed vegetables, Fried Noodles (Pad Thai), Spicy glass noodle salad, Master Spring Rolls.


COURSE 2: Making Curry paste

Chicken in coconut Milk soup, Red curry with chicken, Massaman curry with chicken, Sweet & Sour vegetables, Fried wide noodles with sweet soya sauce, Papaya Salad(Somtam), Bananas in coconut milk.


COURSE 3: Herbal Drink

Thai Style Fish Cake, Yellow curry with chicken, Streamed curry fish,
Fried chicken with cashew nuts, Fried morning glory, Spicy Sausage Salad,
Sweet Sticky rice with mango.

PRICE : xxx Thai Baht.pp/day/course (09.00 – 16.30)


Chiang Mai International Youth Hostel
The Master Thai Chef Cookery Course


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