Chiangmai Youth Education Center (CYEC) will be a partner of Thai Youth Community Foundation.
A learning Journey Beyond the Classroom.



A learning Journey Beyond the Classroom.

Chiang Mai Youth Education Center was created because we believe that:

• Education is not just about book learning
• Education is also not only for the young as a preparation for future living.
• The zeitgeist – the spirit of the times – reflects a paradigm shift towards a more holistic educational approach that will nurture the intellect, promotes a deep understanding of truth, beauty and good.
Learning has become a process of active engagement with experience, and education is a continuing process of LIVING
On the other hand, travel is always a fun experience for the young and old to broaden one's horizon. It tickles the senses, stimulates the inquisitive mind and generates a spirit of well- being

Through our education travel programmes, we hope :

• To create an appetite for learning as quest for knowledge
• To make learning and enjoyable and enriching experience
• To promote education as a continuing process of living
• To raise one's awareness and appreciation towards foreign cultures
• To foster goodwill and friendship and develop a sense of connection between ourselves and the larger community
In trailing the path of knowledge, we want to instill a desire for lifelong learning through a journey beyond the classroom….

"Learning by doing with the Thai Farmers"
"Communities work & donation"
"Culture Exchange"
“ Chong Boon Secondary School”
( Singapore )
"Communities work & donation" "Culture Exchange"

“ Beatty Secondary School ”

( Singapore )

“ Learning by doing "

“A coin you give blesses the life of a child in Thailand. Please help us to help them “

A percentage of proceeds from selected student programme with CYEC will be donated to the Thai Youth Community Foundation to help fund education and improve the lives of the less privileged Thai children. For more information, please click

Thank you for your kindness.

Application and detail information maybe obtained from:

Chiang Mai Youth Education Center. or Thai Youth Community Foundation (TYCF)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Special program for student (R & R)


Chiang Mai Education trip: THB 1850 pp.


Elephant care program with Karen Hill Tribes Community Village.


Learn command words for elephant.


Learn and practice how to make herbal medicines for the elephant.


Take a walk along with the elephant, feeding elephant by hand and bring them closed, bathe & brush, spa your elephant in the river.


Lunch & hiking to hill tribe village and waterfall & Bamboo Rafting


15.30 Departure to Chiang Mai